Easter at the Civic Center, City Church Tallahassee

Easter at the Civic Center

City Church is a non-denominational church with the mission to provide an impactful, influential worship experience that passionately shares the message of Jesus Christ in Tallahassee, Florida. Aside from installing audio video and lighting systems in the church’s permanent location, S&L has collaborated with the church to produce high impact city wide events, since 2009.

Easter at the Civic Center has been a recurring collaboration project for S&L. The church emphasizes that Easter is a time of celebration and rejoicing and to maximize the holiday’s impact, the event has been held at the Donald L. Tucker Center 18,000 square foot arena.

The church uses lighting and sound as a tool to emphasize their message and create impact. S&L consulted with worship leaders and event coordinators and provided lighting design that enhanced the music and worship experience of the Easter Celebration. They provided trussing, rigging, power distribution, lighting and sound reinforcement for the event.

Incorporating existing equipment previously purchased from S&L, the company helped reduce the cost of the event while still maintaining a high level of quality. Matching Renkus Heinz PN powered Line Arrays along with additional OAP TR218 dual eighteen inch subs driven by MacroTech 2500i amplifiers created a large house rig to accommodate the Civic Center massive space. Stage and house sound were controlled with Midas Pro 2 Digital mixing consoles.

Trussing and rigging were provided to fly the sound and lighting system in the arena. Moving LED lights, moving spot lights, LED light bars and hazers were incorporated in the overall design of the up stage layout along with a pre truss rig that incorporated moving spot lights and LED lights. The company created an overall lighting design with multiple cues controlled by an AvoLites Pearl.

S&L also collaborated with City Church and church members on a permanent installation for a 1500 seat auditorium in a renovated retail store space. Again Renkus Heinz PN powered Line Arrays along with OAP TR218 dual eighteen inch subs driven by MacroTech 2500i amplifiers, and OAP fill speakers driven by Crown amplifiers processed by Xilica HD480 sound processor  and mixed with a Midas Pro 2 console, were used for house sound. PAR lights were installed for house lighting, and LED lights on a light bar were used to illuminate at the front stage position. At the upstage location moving spots and LED lights were installed to add wash and lighting effects. Three Digital Projection HD projectors and screens for installed left, right and above center stage areas for video projection. “Matt Folsom said, S&L was also hired to handle all power distribution for the AVL system sanctuary space. They have exceeded every expectation of City Church and are currently consulting with us on a new facility.”

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